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Aloha! We are very excited to work with you. This page will share more about the affiliate program, the options we have for you to share, earn income & help make the world a better place for us all.

Let's Awaken Humanity

By joining our affiliate team & helping us spread the word about our courses, events & products, you are joining the global movement to awaken & heal humanity. You can help others to start creating their best life with amazing health & vitality in body, mind & emotions. Millions of people have experienced life changing results, it sells itself for those ready to feel amazing right now.

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Online Courses & Trainings 

Online learning is the way of the future. This is slowly replacing all traditional methods of learning as people around the world seek knowledge & education online. Each of our courses have a proven success track record & were created to solve real needs that people are facing right now. Topics include: yoga, meditation, health, stress relief or abundance mindset, success & business, our programs teach people how to live their best life. As an affiliate, you will earn 10-50% commission on all of our trainings, courses & live events.

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Beyond the online courses & programs, we also offer live trainings & certification retreats. With over 10 years of success stories, this is a very popular offer that sells itself. Share about our upcoming yoga teacher trainings or life changing retreats & earn commission for helping others have a life changing experience.  Learn more about the programs here:  Yoga Teacher Training retreat or Flow State Life Coach Certification. We offer unique hybrid programs that allow people to earn hours online with videos, audios & ebooks & also with us live at one of our transformational training retreats in paradise. 

Brands & Media

You can also earn commission when you refer brand partners seeking endorsement, product reviews or other collaboration to share with the  300,000 members of our global conscious health, travel, yoga & lifestyle community.

Dashama has collaborated with Nike, Puma, Vitamix, Banyan Tree Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Resorts, Starboard, Gopro, Bulgari & numerous other brands to create promotional campaigns &/or instructional content to spread the message & reach her global audience of healthy, travel enthusiasts. Check out some of the previous brand partners & contact us to schedule a consultation.

Courses & Training Programs

Yoga Teacher Training

Earn up to 100 hours toward yoga teacher certification with this online yoga teacher training to strengthen, stretch and balance your body, mind and soul. Includes: Videos, workshops, Green Smoothie Cleanse, 3 Stage Detox Diet, Journey to Joyful book + much more to create daily habits to support your health & vitality. 

Abundance & Flow

Become a certified Flow State Coach with '22 days to Abundance, Flow & Miracles', In this online video based training course, you will learn how to clear blocks from subconscious mind, reprogram your beliefs for success and abundance to create a life of success, prosperity and fulfillment at the service to humanity.

Master Biz Academy

Create the lifestyle business of your dreams with Master Business Academy (MBA), the most comprehensive business mentorship program for purpose driven entrepreneurs. You will get clear about your vision, create & launch your brand, products, online courses, events & retreats & learn how to reach the masses. 

Retreats, Certifications & Trainings

Yoga Teacher Training

Pranashama Yoga Institute offers both 200 and 500 hour yoga teacher training certification programs as well as hybrid YTT options. Join us for 10 days in paradise and 100 hours online to complete your Level 1 Yoga Teacher Certification or take your teaching to the next level with our advance YTT500 programs in paradise. 

Flow State Life Coach

Become a certified Flow State Life Coach and learn the proven system to help your clients clear their abundance and happiness blocks to gain clarity to increase success and fulfillment in life. Includes 10 day Flow State retreat training and the 22 Day Abundance, Flow & Miracles online training course.

Clarity & Abundance Coaching

Join Dashama for a cleansing retreat online focused on next level health & vitality including green smoothie & juice fasting, yoga, meditation, EFT, breathwork, affirmations, & other practices for abundance, flow & miracles while enjoying a blissful retreat in paradise focused on MBA creative projects & manifestation. 

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Get started earning today by spreading the word about our products, programs, events, certification programs & brand collaboration options. Feel free to use any of our images online (on this website, on google or world wide), as well as youtube videos, articles or other media to spread the goodness. Be sure to always include your unique affiliate link so your referrals are tracked back to you for all sales made by your efforts. We are also happy to offer you prewritten text you can send to your friends, family or community if that would be helpful, please feel free to email us & we will set you up. Our goal is to help you succeed so you can make money spreading consciousness with us. Email: [email protected]

"All that you are is the result of what you have thought."
~ Buddha


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