Success Stories 


Dave Smyth

Dashama's coaching changed my life completely. After just a few weeks I lost excess fat & toned up my body, but I had the greatest breakthrough of my life at the advanced YTT & from that my life, career, health & relationships transformed. After that I  have been telling everyone I know about this profoundly impactful program, it's the best! 

Heather Lee

I decided to do the 30 Day Yoga Challenge & Detox Diet since I needed to lose weight and was really struggling with my mood & energy. I was amazed by the results! I lost over 20 pounds, got my energy back & never felt better. I am sticking with this program & encourage all my friends to do it too, its a game changer!

Ingrid Noella

Coming from Peru, I had only practiced Kundalini yoga but when I was introduced to Dashama's fusion style I was hooked. I first took the sup yoga YTT, then 3 other YTTs in Hawaii. Now I am teaching so many classes & loving my life and this amazing path! My next goal is to make yoga videos in Spanish for my country & will be doing the MBA to learn how to take my yoga business to the next level. I'm so grateful for Dashama!

Alisha Smith, UK

Dashama's teaching skills are like nothing else, and her support and knowledge helped my business to blossom to way beyond what I once thought was possible. Since taking the MBA It has opened doors to magazine shoots, interviews, and collaborations but best of all is that I get to do what I love by traveling and teaching around the world. I've lead retreats, created online courses and even launched my youtube channel!

Jasmine Margreno

I came to Dashama's advanced YTT to expand my personal & professional capacity as a yoga teacher. After graduation, I felt completely emancipated from the old limitations I had been living & teaching with. With Dashama's MBA mentorship I produced & lead my first retreat & it sold out very quickly. So I lead another one in Bali & that one sold out too. I have also opened my own yoga studio. I'm so grateful my dreams are all coming true!

Elizaveta Sullivan

I always knew one of my weaknesses was the food! So the SLAY & TLC course was quite a challenge at first, but surprisingly quite easy to do for me. We stayed on no hard food, smoothie only diet for 7 days. Some of the results I saw - Really defined abs - Clear skin - Feeling of lightness all over my body - Psychic abilities amplified. We decided to do this every season (every 3 months) & still incorporate smoothies & juices as meal replacements on a day to day basis.

Shannon Ritter

I'm so grateful to have discovered Dashama's detox diet and yoga lifestyle programs and lost 40 pounds in just a few months. My body completely transformed, but it was my inner experience that changed in the most important way from the yoga & meditation. Now I got my entire family on the program (even my kids who always hated to eat healthy before this! :) & I became a yoga teacher with my own yoga studio spreading this amazing gift with others. Thank you Dashama!

Chris Alldredge

I was a football player, so I never thought of myself as a yogi. 2 weeks into Dashama's detox diet and yoga journey, I dropped 5 belt sizes, I can walk by the mirror now and really have pride in my body again. I have taken out 2 of my medications, so I've got 1 to go. I just love to have my confidence back and I have really gotten it back! After that, I met the love of my life, got married & we have a new baby. Now my yoga practice with my wife is one of our favorite things to do together. 

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For over 13 years Dashama has provided video training courses world wide. Here are just a few of the thousands of 5 star reviews from her courses to inspire you to start your journey.

"It has been an amazing experience because I have always been wanting to practice yoga on a daily basis, and with Dashama's outstanding explanation and demonstration, I have been able to do my own yoga practice. I know that it will take me a little bit of patience on my part to reach what I want to reach, and I am the only one limiting myself, so the tools are available to transform my life. It has been about four months since I started practicing yoga constantly and eating the superfoods, and let me say that I have been surprised at the results. I am hoping that one day I can join the live trainings so that I can focus completely on the inner strength. What I like about this course is the flexibility. I can practice anytime I want to, and I can do any combination of practices. There is no limit! I love that Dashama has given us from books to videos to audio recordings because we can learn from each and every single lecture on this program. And I can go on and on, but this is all for now. Thanks a lot Dashama and everyone participating on this amazing journey. Namaste!"

Melchicedec Palacios
5 Star Review

"This course was a real eye opener for me to the world of yoga. I spent 15 years doing martial arts, weight lifting and circuit training. When I started this course, I realised that I had become trapped in my own body. I could hardly move at all. I felt stiff and strong, but not open and free within my body. Dashama Konah introduced me to yoga through extensive teaching with books and lectures in this course. By starting out with the theory, the classes became that much easier to do. I have repeated this course many times and told my friends about it. Dashama told me that you can only show people the path of yoga, but they are the ones, who have to walk it. I adopted this way of advertising for her course and many of my friends now either take part in this course or have started their own journey in yoga. Thank you, Dashama, for being such a great teacher and show me the joy of movement in yoga. I still have a lot to learn and still have fears to overcome in my hand stands and head stands, but I know that I will succeed one day. God bless you Dashama Konah! Namaste!"

Michael Marquard Otzen
5 Star Review

"This 30 day yoga challenge & detox diet transformation embodies each word in it's title to the fullest extent. I experienced nothing short of an extreme transformation in 30 days. I was able to squeeze yoga into the nooks and crannies of motherhood and multiple jobs. The detox diet is in stages and support's habit transition instead of changing habitat's radically which always seemed to lead to feelings of failure when I fell off the wagon. The program is easy to use and fun, Dashama is holistic in her approach and her ebook Journey to Joyful was a delightful read which left me craving more. I am transformed emotionally, physically and spiritually and I will continue to use all that I have learned from this course because it is a lifestyle worth living. Namaste"

Kira Elischer
5 Star Review

"​I think this whole Course is great!! I love following along to those classes daily since I can't afford to join a yoga studio right now! Ya, it takes a little common sense to figure out a few poses but my boyfriend and I, who were complete newcomers to yoga when I first got this, we were able to figure all of the poses out and really enjoy it!! Also, I wanted to tell you I have cheated on you a little LOL and I've tried some other yoga teachers online but, always, always I come back to you and usually within a day or two. I think you have a great energy and you seem like a real person which isn't always easy to find with some of these yoga gurus. One day, my dream is to go to your retreat but that won't be anytime soon (hopefully you'll still be doing them when I can finally make it reality) But back to those audios, if you can I would LOVE if you could add more!! They really are great!! Thank you, Laura Zakhar"

Laura Zakhar
5 Star Review

"The best Yoga-Teacher I've ever met. It's the 3d course I'm taking. I thank God for the opportunity to study online. I do not have a financial opportunity to go overseas for learning & practicing. But I am so lucky to have Guru Dashama here. Dear Mentor, be happy & wealthy. Love i inside of you. Thank U for being on this Planet & sharing your knowledge. Namaste PS Hope to meet Dashama personally & hug with gratitude."

5 Star Review

"I love the way Dashama checks in with students very regularly, to answer any questions and to encourage us to keep on going! Also love the daily reminders by email. The content is great, and any segments that you really dig are easy to find and repeat as much as you would like. I'll give more feedback as I go further into the course, but so far - I am loving it! It is giving me just the boost I need right now."

Madi Simmons
5 Star Review

"Love Dashama. Her words are compassionate and empowering, her flows are mindful and alive. I feel so at peace even in fire sequences! You are what you eat, so the dietary guidelines are a key element, too. I've been making my own green smoothies with super foods and local fruit and I feel worlds better than the depressed slump I've been in. Mahalo nui loa, Miss Konah! Hopefully I can attend one of your yoga teacher trainings...the audios make me yearn to be there physically as well, Miami or Bali :) #OptimalHealth #YogicHealer"

Bri Bree Pollen Paszkiewicz
5 Star Review

"I've used this course to practice daily for the past two and a half months and counting. I started by doing 10-20 minutes daily at a comfortable pace to build up my endurance so that I"m now at 30-45 minutes a day. Dashama has a sweet and quirky personality so that you feel you get to know her through the videos and lectures. Though I've used aspects of this course daily I still haven't completed the course because there is so much content. I have been looking for an online instructor who I could feel comfortable with for a long time! The audio sequences are my favorite and well worth the cost alone."

Augusta Gordon
5 Star Review

"I've only just begun this course, but I am already so in love with it. The resources provided in the program have brought clarity and insight that other similar programs lack, in my opinion. I am going through the course doing just the yoga practice while absorbing the additional information on the nutritional and spiritual aspects. Following the completion of the 30 day challenge, I will repeat the challenge with the added change to my diet and journaling practices. I look forward to seeing the changes in my mind, body, and spiritual health and addressing the obstacles I have been avoiding throughout my life. I recommend this program to anyone seeking a change in their life!"

Hannah Lloyd
5 Star Review

"Dashama is excellent at covering all different , yoga practices and dietary suggestions. She is very thorough and provides challenges for all levels. towards the end you have to be a very advanced and proficient yogi to perform some of the moves but even if you aren't at that level you can learn from the lectures and have a goal to aspire to. thanks for enlightening me!!"

Marilyn Farnworth
5 Star Review

"It's the best class I have taken so far, and not just in yoga:-) Dashama is the most inspiring and charismatic teacher I have ever met. I'm so happy I've signed up for this class!"

Magdalena Lewandowska
5 Star Review

"This is my first on line teacher training. I love it so much. Inspiring me to be a good yoga teacher. Thanks my Engel Dashama. Love you."

Ni Ketut Lilik Suardani
5 Star Review

"This course has transformed my life! It's perfect for beginners as well as for advanced practicers. The course not only concentrates on asanas and yoga practise, but includes guidance to your diet and spiritual life. I have enjoyed every single minute of this course while being on my yoga mat. Every day meditations have just calmed down all te crazy thoughts that before had been crossing my mind without stopping! I totally recommend this experience to everybody who wants to grow and learn more about himself. Namaste :)"

Maja M
5 Star Review

"Amazing course!! I love the content and beautiful videos. Love you Dashama xoxo"

I Ngrid Guivar
5 Star Review

"It's giving much more information than anticipated, before I've even gotten to the yoga practice itself."

Steven O'conner
5 Star Review

"So far, this course has been a perfect match for me. It's organized and interesting. Each portion is useful and beneficial to my overall understanding."

Hannah Dustin
5 Star Review

"j'ai testé chaque méditation et elles m'ont toutes plu. J'ai trouvé celle guidée par un homme particuliérement bien, pour un format assez cours, de bons effets de détente et régénération."

Didier Sancery
5 Star Review

"Amazing! So much more than I expected!"

Jack McGowan
5 Star Review

"I've been a follower of Dashama for a long time, I believe her to be a beautiful person inside and out full of love and energy. Through this course I learned how to balance my energy and emotions and become a healthier person. The course is great and Dashama is awesome, I give it 5 stars, however please know it only works for you if you work for it first. Follow the course and don't cheat, put the work in and I promise you will feel amazing when you finish."

Adam Grant
5 Star Review

"A life changing course. Inspirational, manageable system broken into physical activities e books and workshops. Dashama is amazing and pranashama is now part of my daily life."

Tuesday Garland
5 Star Review

"Dashama is a great motivating and energetic person. Some problems loading videos, but very nice the cues and suggestions she offers. Excellent the ebooks and all the material. Very inspiring!"

Romina Vergati
5 Star Review

"I really liked this course. The information is abundant, the videos are well explained and even downloadable. The teacher is truly a dedicated and passionate expert, which makes this class even more captivating."

Chantal Lavallée
5 Star Review

"Kurs einfach nur genial - mache schon den 2. von Dashama, sie lebt und liebt was sie tut... und hat geniale Stunden Kann es nur weiter empfehlen!!!"

Ina Henninger
5 Star Review

"What a great way for beginners to start down the path to a healthier lifestyle and to mix it up for those of us that already are on the path! Workouts are fun and challenging & recipes are super tasty!"

Michelle Lambeth
5 Star Review

"I love all the information provided in this course along with all the helpful daily reminders and amazing instruction. Thanks so much, I hope one day I can pass on this knowledge to others and help them the way this has helped me. Blessings. xxx"

Mary Ellen Gordon
5 Star Review

"This course is something I will go through several times. It was so full of wonderful information and instruction. Very well done..highly recommended!"

Christina Harris
5 Star Review

"Being trained in Ashtanga, Yin Yoga and Restorative, I really enjoyed this for learning lots of new postures. I had a lot of heart opening experiences through out this entire practice"

Hannah Luft
5 Star Review

"Worth every cent and more. I can't stop raving about it and starting another round of 30days. Such am amazing life changer for real. Thank u Dashama. Inspirational. Joyful. Pure awesome yoga."

Rachel Pixi Burgess
5 Star Review

"I am loving this course, thank you Dashama for all the time you have taken to create such a down to earth, easy to follow, listen to your body program that is worth WAY more than what it cost!"

Elizabeth Moses
5 Star Review

"This course is amazing!!! You become healthy once again, get back to yoga and feeling great!!! thanks Dashama!"

5 Star Review

"Highly recommended to anyone interested in this topic. This course has the perfect balance of theory which leaves you with a solid understanding of the concepts. Well done Madam"

Reyan Munaim
5 Star Review

"It was my best investment of time and money in a long time. Highly recommended for everyone. I love every part of the course. Deserve 5 star. Thanks a Lot"

Viluva Nitai
5 Star Review

"I've only really gotten into yoga the last few months and this course is just something I really wanted to try out. What a great decision that was! There are so many videos in this course to watch and follow along to that I have no doubt I will progress at a good pace. Thank you Dashama for putting this together."

Kevin Turvey
5 Star Review

"Everytime you take a look into this course you will learn something new, that you did not know, about yourself and life! You will watch yourself grow into the person you have always wanted but perhaps never knew you could. Your family will be changed, your friends, and as you share and grow you will never be the same! Dashama spreads heatlh and wellness that can endure the hardest times, the strongest challenges and the most harsh negatives through any obstacle. She is amazing and filled with love. Namaste! "

Shannon Ritter
5 Star Review

"I think this is one of the best course for yoga challenge. Thank you Dashama Konah for giving awesome course"

Reali Lif
5 Star Review

"LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Truly amazing!!! I just started with skimming through some videos and i have found new DAILY practices i am SUPER excited to be doing....namaste and much love <3"

Talena Hendershot
5 Star Review

"This course is great for people who are new to yoga as well those who are looking for something a little challenging as well. Although some people dislike the audio classes. I totally disagree. The audio classes helps develop discipline and is good for developing the mind and training the other senses instead of only relying on sight. I give this course 5 stars :)"

Jason Delpino
5 Star Review

"I loved all the information and the DVD's showing how the pose is suppose to be done. Very inspiring and encouraging to complete the whole program. I was able to feel the full benefits of the program by doing the diet and the yoga daily. If I skipped a day I could feel the fullness in my body and the decreased flexability in my muscles the next day. I encourage people to try this program and commit to doing yoga every day as well as following the diet plan. Thank you Dashama for sharing so much information at an affordable price. Namaste and blessings to you."

Mary Williams
5 Star Review

"I signed up for this course a little while ago and have been reading her book Journey to Joyful over and over again! Dashama is a beautiful soul and she has presented yoga in such a beautiful way! She makes you excited to come to the yoga mat each day, this course is a gift I have given myself! Beautiful job Dashama, can't wait to begin it again."

Donna Z. Wynn
5 Star Review

"The course is so positive. It encourages me to live more healthy in all sections of my life. The lectures are easy to follow and implement. If you want to explore ways to become more healthy this course is for you."

Heidi Fuqua
5 Star Review

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