10 Reasons why yoga is good for you

Apr 14, 2019

By: Nicole Pon

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that utilizes body postures and breathing exercises that increase relaxation as well as your mental well-being. With this ancient practice, it is no surprise that there are many health benefits to this spiritual discipline. For those who have been wanting to try this practice, here are 10 reasons why yoga is good for you.

It Improves Your Flexibility
As I started off yoga with zero flexibility, I was surprised to see the increase in my abilities over a short period of time. Over time, yoga loosens the tightness in your postures, which enable you to fully enjoy each pose to the fullest.

It Builds Your Muscle Strength
Yoga has various positions such as downward dog, that require a lot of upper arm and leg strength. By building up these muscles, you increase protection from later symptoms in life, such as arthritis and back pain.

It Improves Your Breathing Capacities
As someone with severe asthma, I’m constantly having to carry my inhaler around wherever I go. Yoga is such a unique exercise because it incorporates the breathing practice known as ‘pranayama’ into every routine. If you have any problems with asthma, yoga guarantees the lessen your symptoms.

It Improves Your Balance
Have you ever heard of the Tree Pose? This is one of many poses that help you become aware of your body placement.

It Improves Your Immune System
Yoga has a positive influence on the immune system, by lowering stress hormones that make up the immune system. Yoga is also found to relax the nervous system.

It Helps You Relax
I am a constantly stressed out person, who is always worrying about the next assignment or task on my to-do list. Yoga helps reduce tension in my shoulders and neck, and make me feel more in tune on my pressure points.

It Increases Your Blood Flow
It’s not a surprise that yoga, like most exercises, increases your blood flow. Because you’re constantly rotating through positions, you can often feel the blood flow from your head to your back, depending on the angle. I always feel more warmed up, after a session of yoga.

It Makes You Happier (Literally)
Exercise is generally therapeutic to people suffering with mental illnesses such as depression. Yoga proves to be no exception. Whenever I’m having a rough day, a yoga class always alleviates my stress and brings me a rush of serotonin.

It Improves Mindfulness
Because Yoga helps reduce stress, it can also help you focus better on tasks and remember more information. After a 30-60 minute session, I always feel more aware of my surroundings and more focused on tasks.

It Helps With Insomnia 
As someone who has trouble sleeping at night, yoga is a great alternative to taking sleeping medication. With relaxing poses and deep breathing exercises, you are guaranteed to soothe your mind in a natural way.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and a mat. It’s time to take some yoga classes.


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